Nyali Bridge Medical has set up a world-class In-vitro Fertilization Laboratory on the cutting edge of reproductive technologies; the IVF Centre dealing with fertility related matters. The unit embraces the best of German-based technology housed with ultra-modern equipment.

We work towards improving IVF success rates, by expertly using the most advanced and up-to-date techniques in reproductive technology, with vastly trained and qualified medical personnel both based locally, and visiting specialists from our international partners. Our goal in this, is to provide the most effective male infertility and female infertility treatments that solve most reproductive health challenges. All while ensuring the clients’ privacy and confidentiality, pre and post treatment.
Our large team of Medical Board-certified fertility specialists (obstetricians/gynecologists and embryologists), led by a battery of visiting consultants from Germany and India, will work towards building local capacity with consultant and doctors who wish to participate in this program and develop this capability with us, we envision knowledge sharing, training both locally and internationally, and accreditation of partner clinics and Doctors for accessibility.
Nairobi West Hospital IVF Center features the full range of conventional and breakthrough fertility treatments alongside with alternative fertility all targeted to achieving conception and a successful pregnancy.

The unit is well enhanced and supported by provision of modular operating theatre services, 4D Ultrasound, dedicated maternity theaters, incubators, private wards and a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit [NICU]

We wish to partner with obstetricians, gynecologists, and other health institutions to achieve the success of the department and in building capacity within Kenya for IVF treatments. We invite you to join us with a view of agreeing on the way forward as a step towards attaining the highest attainable standards of infertility treatments, at affordable prices.

For enquiry please contact :  info@nyalibridgehospital.co.ke