Total care is where long-term care facilities for residents are responsible for meeting all the needs of a resident. 

It is important for patients to have access to a primary care physician they can trust, that they regularly see, and that they can turn to to discuss any and all of their questions or concerns.

A good dental care means regularly brushing and flossing your teeth, going for frequent dental check-ups, and consuming a healthy diet. Practicing these habits will prevent your gums from getting damaged, control bad breath, and increase the life of your teeth.

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Our Services

We accept wide range of insurances for medical, dental, optical, imaging, ecg, eeg, dialysis, amburance and other specialized clinics.Above all we accept nhif for all civil services for all our services. AT NYALI BRIDGE HOSPITAL, -WE TREAT, GOD HEALS-

Latest Radiotherapy Technology

comprehensive radiology system 24×7 radiology services MRI Machines – 3TESLA and 1.5 Tesla SIEMENS MEDICAL SYSTEM CT machines–16 AND 64 slice SIEMENS MEDICAL SYSTEM High end ultrasound machines Digital X-ray machines